Break the Stigma

Breaking stigma is important because it is a form of suicide prevention. Mental illness is treatable and recovery is possible. Often, people will speak with a friend, family member or faith leader before they will talk to a mental health professional. By educating yourself about mental health and suicide prevention and taking steps to combat stigma, you will be able to support someone in your life in the recovery process and facilitate him/her seeking professional help. connect with support So, what can we do to combat stigma?

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Let the Sun Shine Run Featured Family

Each year Let the Sun Shine Run highlights 2-3 loved ones and gives the families an outlet to share some stories, pictures and special memories. In 2019, Let the Sun Shine Run featured the Jackson Roeder family. It is important to them that this event honors all of our wonderful children who were taken from us too soon and also honors those who are dealing with mental health issues and are brave enough to share their story.

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Creating change out of tragedy: Son's death inspires funding for suicide prevention

Scott and Reyne Roeder never expected to be nurturing their son's legacy. Their kind, passionate and creative son Jackson could do that for himself. But on February 18, 2017, Jackson Roeder died by suicide, just weeks after his 25th birthday. For the family, it was the expected unexpected. Jackson had been dealing with mental health issues since middle school and the inevitable ups and downs that come with them.

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CentraCare Health Foundation's Featured Fund

CentraCare Health Foundation exists to improve health and health care.The Jackson Memorial Fund is CentraCare Health Foundation's Featured Fund.

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